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There is a common misconception about “anti-aging.” Anti-aging actually has little to do with “looking younger.” If you are interested in your appearance and looking younger, it would be helpful for you to consider, among other things, cosmetic or plastic surgery. However, if you are interested in staying young and healthy and keeping your mind and body refreshed and rejuvenated, you may want to consider hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

This area of medicine is somewhat controversial since it is difficult to measure the beneficial effects of various anti-aging treatments. Nonetheless there are a variety of medications and interventions that have been used to favorably affect the aging process.

Anti-aging refers to slowing, preventing or even reversing the aging process. Anti-aging medicine is directed at the early detection, prevention and even reversal of age-related diseases.

Regular exercise, staying “thin” and diets that are low in calories are felt to beneficially affect the aging process. Hormone replacement therapy in women and human growth hormone (HGH) are used by millions of people to favorably affect the aging process. Likewise, diets high in omega-3s from such sources as fish oil, are felt, even by conventional medical practitioners, to be beneficial. Coenzyme Q10 is a chemical utilized by the energy manufacturing areas of cells known as mitochondria, and this important substance is depleted in aging cells and thus can have unwanted effects on energy production and utilization.

Many patients have been utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a regular part of their anti-aging regimen. We have treated many patients even in their ninth and tenth decades of life with hyperbaric oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen is a therapy that provides large quantities of oxygen to all the tissues of the body and can restore oxygen to depleted tissues and cells, thus favorably affecting the aging process, which is associated with, among other things, impaired circulation and depletion of life-sustaining oxygen.