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Cosmetic Surgery

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By using a unique protocol developed here at Beverly Hills Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, HBOT can speed up healing in patients undergoing face lifts, skin resurfacing with laser or chemical peels, tummy tucks, breast reduction and enlargement surgery and many more conditions. We have found that HBOT shortens the recuperation time by 1/3 to 1/2, reduces swelling and pain and may improve the results. Are you aware that patients come to our facility from all around the world to use our hyperbaric oxygen protocol in conjunction with their cosmetic surgery?


Steven Zax, MD - Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon
"I have been incorporating the routine use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments for my cosmetic surgery patients for the past decade. I am certain that hyperbaric oxygen has benefited my patients by diminishing post op pain, reducing edema or swelling, and improving the surgical results."

Paul Nassif, MD FACSD - World Authority on Revision Rhinoplasty and Aging Face Lift
"Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments have been extremely benefi cial to my cosmetic surgery patients, especially in the complicated nasal and facial revision cases. We encourage our patients to take advantage of hyperbaric recovery."