Common Uses for Hyperbaric Medicine

Circulatory Problems Improved with Hyperbaric Therapy

Although not a replacement for reestablishing blood flow in the large blood vessels to parts of the body which are not normal, HBOT can get oxygen to areas deprived of this necessary element by dissolving oxygen in the plasma and tissues. Some people have had the death of tissues or gangrene prevented by HBOT and others have been spared amputation saving toes or feet.

Bone and Soft Tissue Infections Controlled with Hyperbarics

Some bacteria are actually killed by HBOT and thus certain infections have been cured with HBOT. Lives have been saved when threatened by so called "flesh eating bacteria." Osteomyelitis or infection in the bone is difficult for doctors to treat and frequently requires prolonged antibiotic use. HBOT can help cure these difficult infections.

Gas Gangrene Reversed with Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT can be life saving in gangrene-a condition where the tissues die or are severely damaged.

Poisonings Respond To Hyperbarics

HBOT has saved the lives of fire victims and fire fighters suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, methemoglobinemia and other poisonings may be helped by HBOT.

Spider Bites: Recluse spider bites and other serious insect bites have been helped by HBOT.