Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown promise in this frustrating medical condition and allowed many to return to their normal lifestyle.

Sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome have tried months and even years of various treatments, including taking pain medications and antidepressants, to obtain relief from this disabling condition.

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been advocated by medical experts in the field of chronic Lyme disease, and many patients have found hyperbaric oxygen to be beneficial.

The areas in and around Santa Monica and Malibu are well known to harbor the deer ticks capable of transmitting Lyme disease. In the chronic form of this disease—which has a multitude of symptoms including memory problems, fatigue and diffuse body pain—conventional medical treatment, including prolonged antibiotic therapy, has been disappointing in most patients.